The History of the Bigdeli Tribe

The History of the Bigdeli Tribe” is a comprehensive collection of books meticulously researched and compiled by Dr. Gholamhossein Bigdeli, with the assistance of Dr. Mohammad Reza Bigdeli. Over several years, they delved into the annals of history, conducted various travels, interviews, and received aid from members of the illustrious Bigdeli tribe to gather valuable documentation. These records shed light on the emergence of the Bigdeli dynasty, their migration journey, and their significant contributions over the past millennium.

Thematically, this book transcends the realms of “literature and art history,” “genealogical history,” and “biographical studies.” It encompasses an in-depth exploration of the family’s lineage, literary endeavors, and the scholarly pursuits of its members. From the Safavid era to contemporary times, it meticulously documents the lives and achievements of prominent poets, calligraphers, and writers from the Bigdeli-Shamlu lineage.

Historically, the Bigdeli-Shamlu tribe played a pivotal role as one of the foremost elements of the Qizilbash confederation, alongside other tribes such as the Astajlu, Rumlu, Tekelu, Zuruqdar, Afshar, Qajar, and Rarsaq, in facilitating the rise of the Safavids. This book delves into the intricate historical dynamics of their influence and contributions, providing insights into their enduring legacy.

Structured into five chapters, the book meticulously introduces the poets, calligraphers, and writers of the Bigdeli-Shamlu tribe. From the Safavid era to the Qajar and contemporary periods, it comprehensively explores their literary and intellectual endeavors, enriching our understanding of Iran’s cultural heritage.

Additionally, this book contains notes and references related to the Ghiabi Shamlu family, highlighting their specific contributions and roles within the broader context of the Bigdeli-Shamlu tribe’s history and legacy.