A Glimpse into Shamlu and Ghiabi Heritage

Discover the Captivating Gallery of Shamlu and Ghiabi Ancestry

Ghiabi Chamlu members of the family in Zanjan
Heydar Gholi Khan Ghiabi Chamlou, patriarch and founder of the Ghiabi Family
Zaynal Khan Shamlu, an ancestor of the Ghiabi family, was depicted as the first Iranian ambassador to Austria during the Safavid era, portrayed by Agidius Sadeler in Prague in 1605
Nastaliq calligraphy written in Persian by Hasan Khan Shamlu, located in the Malek National Museum and Library in Iran

Nastaliq calligraphy written in Persian by Hasan Khan Shamlu, located in the Malek National Museum and Library in Iran
Heydar Ghiaï-Chamlou & the Shah of Iran, 1963
Iran’s ambassador residence in Moscow, once inhabited by Heydar Ghiabi
Persian miniature created by Mo’en Mosavver, depicting Shah Ismail I at an audience receiving the Qizilbash after they defeated the Shirvanshah Farrukh Yasar. Album leaf from a copy of Bijan’s Tarikh-i Jahangusha-yi Khaqan Sahibqiran (A History of Shah Ismail I), produced in Isfahan end of the 1680s
Villa du Ghiabi: A cherished retreat in Antibes, France, fostering family gatherings and memories
The Ghiabi Family Mansion and Private Archives in Farmaniyeh, Tehran, 1979
The Dome of the Senate House of Iran, designed by Heydar Ghiaï in 1955, features the official Ghiabi family crest
A foundation in Mashhad, former home to the Abbasqoli Khan Shamlou and today’s School.
1508 Persian farman of Shah Ismail I in which Hossein Beg Laleh Shamlu is mentioned by name

1508 Persian Farman of Shah Ismail I in which Hossein Beg Laleh Shamlu is mentioned by name