Ghiabi Family’s List of the Khans (Beys)

Among the Qizilbash, Turcoman tribes from Eastern Anatolia and Azerbaijan who had helped Shah Ismail I defeat the Aq Qoyunlu tribe were by far the most important – in number and influence. Therefore the name Kizilbash is usually applied to them only. Shāmlu (Ghiabi) was the most powerful clan during the reign of Shah Ismail I.

Ali Ghili khan Ghiabi Shamlou
Ahmad Sultan Shamlu
Heydar Gholi Khan Ghiaï-e Chamlou I
Heydar Gholi Khan Ghiaï-e Chamlou I
Generation 14 of ghiabi family
Mohammad Hossein Ghiyabi
Generation 13 of ghiabi family
Ali Akbar Khan Ghiabi
  • Ahmad Sultan Shamlu
  • Abdu Beg Shamlu (Father-in-law of Ismail I)
  • Husein Khan Shamlu (The most powerful Qizilbash Khan, executed by Shah Tahmasp in 1534)
  • Hossein Khan Shamlu (Governor of Lors Pushtkuh- Province of Lorestan)
  • Hasan Khan Shamlu
  • Mirza Vali Khan Shamlu (Governor)
  • Ali Gholi Khan Shamlu (aka Haji Ali Qizilbash Mazandarani Governor of Khorassan and chief of the armies under Shah Abbas)
  • Jāni Beg Khan Bigdeli Shāmlu, ishik-āqāsi-bāshi (master of ceremony) and qurchi-bāshi (head of the tribal guards) under the Safavid Shah Ṣafi I (r. 1629-42) and Shah ʿAbbās II
  • Sinan Khan Shamlu (Ambassador of Shah AbbasI to Emperor Rudolph II of Habsburg)
  • Muhamad Gholi Khan Bigdili-e Shamlu
  • Dormish Khan Shamlu (Brother in law of Shah Ismail I and Governor of Isfahan)
  • Murteza Gulu Khan Shamlu-Ardabili (invented a style of calligraphy called “Shikasta Nastaʿlīq“)
  • Abbas Gholi Khan Shamlu-Shahsevan (Governor of Herat)
  • Mu’min Khan Shamlu (1699–1707, Grand Vizier)
  • Mohammed Zaman Khan Shamlu
  • Muhamad Ali Khan Bigdili-e Shamlu (c.1722, Grand Vizier)
  • Zaynal Khan Shamlu (Ambassador of Shah Abbas I to the Court of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II)
  • Murshid Gholi Khan Ustajlu-e Shamlu
  • Heydar Gholi Khan Ghiaï-e Chamlou I
  • Mirza Mohammad Hossein Khan Ghiyabi-e Chamlou
  • Ali Akbar Khan Ghiabi
  • Manouchehr Ghiaie-e Shamloo (Governor of Tehran)
  • Heydar Gholi Khan Ghiaï-e Chamlou II (Architect and Aide de Camp of the Impériale Court of Iran)

The dynasty continued its evolution. Today, there are three family branches in the US, France, and Iran.

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