Official Family Crest and “Grandes Armes”

The crest and “Grandes Armes” of the Ghiabi family include the following:

  • a winged lion comprised of:
    • a bag of wheat divided into three
    • a shield with seven angles
    • a wing divided in seven
  • a tail divided in 13
  • a body divided in 21
  • a circle within a circle (GC)
  • The full design includes a stylized
    • Sun framed by 4 Lotus Flowers
    • The full coat of arms includes the creed translated into French
Official Family Crest and "Grandes Armes"
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The Ghiabi Crest exists in several private and public properties today. For instance, it has been used as an inspiration to design the Dome of the Senate House of Iran by Heydar Ghiaï in 1955.

Ghiabï Crest
The Dome of The Senate House of Iran, Heydar Ghiaï, 1955

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