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The Ghiabi and Ghiaï family names are the two branches of the Ghia-bey-e Shamlou dynasty.

The Ghia-bey-e Shamlou family has a recorded history of some 700 years although extrapolation can be made of over a thousand years of tradition. The name Ghia-bey derive from one of the seven royal tribes of the Persian Empire during the Turko-Mongolian invasion of Genghis Khan.

It should be also noted that the Family name has been translated to western characters with varying orthographies such as; Ghiabi, Ghiabie, Ghiabey, etc.

It has been said that the Khans and Khanums (Lords & Ladies) of Ghiabey possessed enormous power and large fiefdoms in the Lorestan and Azerbaijan region of Iran and that they often created a rivalry with various ruling kings who decided to geographically disburse and divide the Family o reduce their concentrated power.

The official crest of the family includes a simple and powerful message that has been the true north of noble members of the family:

Search the Light through Beauty

Official Creed of the Ghia-bey Family
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